Casa Marchetti zabaglione: greedy and genuine

The Zabá project was born in the Torre dell’Eremo di Precetto, province of Turin, together with a group of children with disabilities.
The recipe is that of Langa, with Marsala, and the tradition is Turin, like the roots of Alberto Marchetti.
The eggs are fresh, from happy free-range hens, selected by Franco Frantolino in the town of Fiano (TO). The sugar is 100% Italian.

In the mouth it is creamy, long, dense, sweet and alcoholic at the right point. It will take you back in time, during a snack with your grandmother.
It is perfect to amaze your guests during the Christmas holidays, together with the leavened product you like best.

Ingredients: Sugar, Marsala wine, pasteurized egg yolk, rice starch.

Tips: At room temperature, hot with cream or cold from the fridge as a dessert.
Also perfect for creating desserts such as panna cotta, hot chocolate cake with zabà and Zabásu.

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