Historically a royal drink, it can be considered the missing link between wine and liqueurs because it is based on white wine, alcohol, sugar and aromatic / bitter herbs. The history of wines infused with herbs and spices is very long and begins with the wines of the Greeks and Romans and then crosses Germany up to Italy, where the first Piedmontese vermouth was born in 1786.
There are many secrets hidden behind the production of this mysterious and fascinating drink: from the new techniques for flavoring wine, to the herbs and plants used in its preparation and also Fundeghera 1939 has its owns.
Fundeghera 1939 was born thanks to the love of two young brothers for the old grocery store of their great-grandfather and thus, combining history and passion, this surprising liqueur is born, perfect after dinner or in cocktails.

Herbs: wormwood, coriander fruits, vanilla pods, orange peel, angelica roots, cinchona peel, nutmeg, quassia wood, centaurea minor plant, cinnamon peel, rhubarb, dittamus, aromatic calamus roots.

Color: bright amber with hazelnut reflections.

Bouquet: notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander and bitter orange.

Taste: great structure with balanced bitter notes and hints of vanilla, rhubarb, cinchona and centaurea. 

Tips: on the rocks and a slice of orange or lemon as an aperitif or served cold combined with dry pastry

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