ORANGE FROM RIBERA HONEY - Sicilian black bee


Characterized by an intense and captivating aroma that recalls oranges, this honey has a flavor that is instead delicate and in some cases slightly acidic; the color is very clear, similar to a straw yellow. Honey tends to crystallize spontaneously after a few months from harvest, and in these circumstances it takes on a color tending to white or beige.

Properties: this variety of honey is known for its ability to purify the body, as well as its calming and relaxing one. It gives serenity and tranquility.

Tips: excellent table honey, perfect in some roast meat recipes (duck and pork) and appears as an ingredient in classic sorbets. Most commonly it is used to sweeten classic tea with lemon or the famous English orange tea. Try it with Greek yogurt, figs and almonds or simply spread on bread.

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