Classical method spumante millesimato 2015 - Degorgement November 2018
100% Pinot Nero
After a careful selection, the grapes are harvested by hand, immediately followed by a soft pressing. The must obtained is left to decant and then put into thermostatically controlled stainless steel tanks (17°-18°). The following spring the base wine, together with selected yeasts and sugar, is bottled. The bottles are positioned horizontally in large stacks at a controlled temperature of 12°-14°, where they rest for at least 36 months to obtain their spume (2nd fermentation)
Successively the bottles undergo riddling ‘remuage’ so as to move the lee sediment from the side of the bottles and deposit this sediment at the top of the now upside down bottle. Degorgement follows the lees are removed and the bottles are topped up with ‘liqueur d’expédition’. The spumante is then corked and left to rest for several months before its sale
Bright straw yellow with a fine and persistent perlage, ample bouquet with reminiscences of bread crust. To the mouth elegant, crisp, sapid with a good acidity

Alcohol content: 12,5% 

Pairing: excellent as an aperitif and well accompanies any meal except deserts

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