Spreadable cream with hazelnuts. This cream comes from the Tonda Gentile Romana and Nocchione varieties. It is simply amazing with a percentage of hazelnuts equal to 60% combined with dark chocolate

Just think that the famous Nutella contains only 13%!
Product made by hazelnut growers and processors operating in an area of 40 hectares; often in the most commercial products the origin of the hazelnuts is not sure, they are certainly not only Italian!!!
Another important element is the reduced sugar content: only 20% against the average of industrial products which stands at 50%

The sugar used is only brown sugar, no palm oil, preservatives or chemical flavors, finally it is gluten-free.
The creaminess, the flavor, the intense aroma of the hazelnuts and the skilful harmony of the ingredients make it a product of the highest value, in which you can feel the true flavor of the hazelnut perfectly paired with dark chocolate

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