Gomasio is a food of oriental origin that is mainly used to replace table salt.

In Japanese "goma" means "sesame", while "shio" means "salt".

Ispica preserves a very particular and ancient production, introduced in Sicily at the time of the Arab domination, the sesame. The Ispicese variety was selected two centuries ago by local farmers and has a small seed, amber color and intense flavor. Today it is a Slow Food presidium.

From a perfect combination of toasted Ispica Organic Sesame Seeds and Himalayan Pink Salt, Gomasio from the Gambuzza farm is born, entirely hand-packaged.

Ingredients: 92% organic Ispica sesame seeds, 8% Himalayan pink salt

Tips: Gomasio is one of the most popular alternatives to common kitchen salt. It is perfect for adding flavor to dishes, for dressing salads, grilled fish and for flavoring vegetables. It is a natural and healthy food, rich in antioxidants!

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