Black garlic cream from a Piedmontese small company between Langhe and Roero, specialized in the production of premium Italian black garlic from PDO Polesano garlic, 100% made in Italy superfood, handcrafted.
It is not only a delicious product, but also healthy, because black garlic is internationally recognized as a real superfood, rich in antioxidants and thanks to the thermal ripening process it doubles its properties compared to common garlic. and it is extremely digestible, also suitable for those who do not like white garlic.

Its main feature is the taste, because it does not taste of garlic, but of licorice and balsamic, which is why it is suitable to be consumed in many recipes, even raw.

Tips for use: ideal for pasta and risotto, to flavor cold dishes, but also for salads and to spread on croutons for your aperitifs

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