Liqueur based on rhubarb root produced by Fundeghera 1939 and created by an excellent bartender from Milan area. Used in the past as a medicinal bitter since ancient times, rhubarb was considered a rare root and therefore reserved for a few. Fundeghera 1939 was born thanks to the love of two young brothers for the old grocery store of their great-grandfather and thus, combining history and passion, this surprising liqueur is born, perfect after dinner or in cocktails.

 Herbs: rhubarb, cinchona peel, gentian roots, licorice.

Color: brown with bronze-golden reflections.

Bouquet: intense of rhubarb.

Taste: bitter notes of rhubarb combined with gentian and cinchona, softened by a slight presence of licorice.

Tips: very refreshing with cedrata or tonic water

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