Its name Corochinato indicates two of the essential ingredients of the vermouth of Genoa par excellence, from the beginning of its history in 1886: the white wine of Coronata and the cinchona bark that gives it that particular long and bitter aftertaste that made it appreciate. immediately conquering entire generations of Genoese and Ligurians.
But the secret of its round and harmonious taste lies in a skilful blend of about twenty different and precious herbs and spices, among which absinthe, gentian, holy thistle, thyme, oregano, cinnamon stand out, natural ingredients dosed and regulated according to a formula that has never changed since 1886.
True goodness that can be appreciated both as an aperitif and as a digestive, as a worthy conclusion to the meal.

The historical label on it depicts a man in traditional costume walking a donkey with a double basket on his soma. Man and donkey are a clear reference to the tradition and to the locality of Coronata from whose hill grapes and wine descended towards the city right on the back of the donkey or mule while the man would represent the character of the "Pacciugo", protagonist of a legendary story set right in the area of ​​the sanctuary overlooking Cornigliano.

The white wine produced from Cortese grapes is infused for a month with 18 differents herbs obtaining an alcohol content of 16 degrees.
In Genoa it is drunk in purity very cold with a lemon zest, this Vermouth is incredibly suitable as the base of many cocktails.