San Colombano, a town located in the province of Milan, is actually completely surrounded by the provinces of Pavia and Lodi. So to reach it you have to go outside the boundaries of the metropolitan city from which it is about 22 kilometers to the south-east. San Colombano is therefore the only enclave (or exclave) of the metropolitan city of Milan. The reason why it remained part of the province of Milan first and then of the metropolitan city was the popular will. In fact, when the province of Lodi was established in 1992, where San Colombano should have returned, a referendum was held among the citizens who chose to stay with Milan.
A choice that for one fundamental aspect is very precious: Colombano produces the only DOC wine of the metropolitan city of Milan.

The wine of Milan is born in the cellars of the Poderi di San Pietro where the grapes are subjected to careful quality controls of the raw material and treated in such a way as to guarantee the maintenance of all the organoleptic and aromatic properties. The company uses the most modern technologies to ensure a product of excellence, combining innovation with tradition. The quality of the grapes is guaranteed right from the vineyards, where the harvest is carried out by hand, to arrive in the cellar with the bunch still whole and at a temperature as low as possible. Well, what else? Who ever thought Milan's wine existed? And we at Sodeste, who are Milanese, are very proud of it!