Citrus fruits in Italy, and in particular in Sicily, have been present for almost 2000 years. Merit of Christopher Columbus and of the Spaniards was to spread the different citrus species in the Americas between the late 1400s and early 1500s. Locally this type of orange is known with the name of "Brazilian", a name that denotes its origin. It is known, in fact, that the former Navel or "Brazilian" seedlings arrived in Ribera in the 1930s from Brazil and found the best conditions in this area to become the best orange in the world, appreciated in every national and international market.

The blonde oranges of Ribera (Washington Navel) are grown in the sunny soils of Sicily, where the climate allows a natural ripening process; they stand out and are unique for their sweetness and rather low acidity (so they are easily tolerated by those suffering from intestinal disorders).

Ribera orange contains many antioxidants that contribute to the strengthening of the immune system; it is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C, mineral salts and sugars. In particular, it carries out an action anti-arthritic, detoxifying, digestive, protective of blood vessels, anti-hemorrhagic and diuretic. It carries out a protective action against annoying diseases such as bronchitis, angina and rheumatism, and also very serious ones such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

It is the particular microclimatic soils and waters characteristics that makes possible to obtain a product with unmistakable properties!

Try now this marmalade made with oranges from Ribera

Amazing story of Italian excellences.