In Tuscany, the history of chocolate begins with the adventurous Florentine merchants. The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492 had an unprecedented impact on the peoples of Europe, radically changing the culture of the arts and thought. Florence contributed to discover the new world and its products thanks to its illustrious sons such as Amerigo Vespucci, Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanini, Giovanni da Verrazzano. Thus at the end of the Renaissance, the exotic cocoa called "food of the Gods" was successfully experimented in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and its consumption became one of the many elements of the status symbol typical of the time.

In the Renaissance, in fact, eating well became a real art, in this period the “banquet” etiquette was born where the prince showed all his wealth. It should be remembered that chocolate was consumed as a drink, dissolved in water and still today this product can be both drunk and eaten. In Florence, with the particular jasmine-scented chocolate, produced by the Medicea Spezieria, there is a progressive move away from complicated tastes to bring out linear tastes such as rose, orange and lemon essences.

With the Renaissance Chocolate you are sure of having rediscovered ancient flavors to be appreciated today, to be enjoyed alone or accompanied by a good wine or liqueur.


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