Morgante company is located in Grotte, a small town in the province of Agrigento, about 21 kilometers from the sea and the Valley of the Temples, Sicily.

The various vineyards are immersed in a landscape that seduces by the naturalness of the hills that alternate with small valleys at altitudes varying from 350 to 550 meters above sea level. The territory is very suitable for viticulture due to the favorable Mediterranean climatic conditions, characterized by temperature differences of about 10 - 15 ° C between day and night and for the peculiarities of the clayey, calcareous and marly soils.

The territory is fascinating and engaging not only for the natural scenery, the colors and the “silences” it offers, but also for the historical testimonies and traditions that characterize it.

Nero D'Avola wine is commonly called Calabrese and is grown almost exclusively in Sicily. One hypothesis derives the name Calarvisi from Calauria, an island and city of Greece, with the meaning of Calauris grape that is, imported from that area during the Hellenic colonization of Sicily.

The company as an entrepreneurial choice and an identity linked to the territory, has set up the entire production by concentrating it solely on a single vine, Nero d'Avola, managing to grasp and express all the possible variations of this vine, from the Rosso Riserva, to traditional red to white and finally to rosé. By refining techniques and knowledge over time, passing between 4 generations a specific and profound knowledge capable of grasping the best of the combination of territory and grape variety, becoming in fact absolute specialists of Nero D'Avola.

It's just incredibile to see how a single grape variety can create so many dirrent wine type!


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Amazing story of Italian excellences.