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Near Aspromonte, in Calabria, these incredible fruits are harvested by hand: pomegranates.

Since ancient times, the pomegranate has been considered a symbol of fertility and abundance.
The plant was spread by the Phoenicians during their numerous travels in the Mediterranean, but it owes its name to the Romans, who called it Malum Punicum after having discovered it near Carthage.

In the pomegranate there are large quantities of antioxidants, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and provitamin A, but above all polyphenols (primarily ellagic acid, but also punicalagin present in pomegranate juice), whose protective effects in hindering oxidative stress. (source Humanitas.it)

This juice has all its flavor and incredible benefits!
100% Calabrian pomegranate juice, with no added sugar.
Perfect for breakfast, or to take a break full of taste and health.

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