BITTER FUSETTI - Dripstillery

286 kr

Bitter Fusetti is the bitter that will shake up your way of drinking.

Whether straight or in classic drinks such as Americano or Negroni, in revisited cocktails or simply shaken, our Bitter Fusetti always knows how to express itself at its best. Among the ingredients we find some spices such as gentian, rhubarb, cinchona and as a special ingredient, quassio (or quassia), a medicinal plant that gives the typical bitter taste of bitter, while the bitter orange and chinotto give that pinch of acidity.

Dripstillery was born from the union of two beautiful realities, MAG Group a group of Milanese bartenders, including Flavio Angiolillo and Benjamin Fabio Cavagna (owner of some internationally renowned clubs: MaG, Backdoor43 - the smallest cocktail bar in the world - and 1930 Secret Cocktail Bar - 25th in The World's 50 Best Bars list) and Fundeghera 1939 founded by Mattia and Luca Vita, two brothers who decided to give life to the production of spirits, bringing to light the name of the great-grandfather's grocery store opened in 1939.

The name Dripstillery comes from the intention of "dripping" on the market always new and cutting-edge products, created with the intent of shortening the distance between producers, professional and finale consumers. All in the spirit of MADE IN ITALY

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