Our values

Why Sodeste?

Choosing Sodeste means to choose not only the quality of the products but also travel to discover the history behind them. To us details are fundamental, this is what we do
Modus Operandi


  1. Visit and get to know personally the producers
  2. Watch live at processing techniques
  3. Listen to everything that has not been told yet
  4. Taste and give an honest opinion
  5. Check the quality level

Organic & Vegan

All our products are amazing and we pay close attention to organic and / or vegan certificates.

Volumes Management

Our ability to aggregate and manage volumes allow you to access the product portfolio with a very advantageous quality / price ratio.

Single Purchase

There are no minimum order limits as happens normally for these types of products. With us you can afford to taste every single product offered without a minimum order, even one unit per type. 


Sodeste is providing you, in addition to the products and the their stories, advices on how to combine them and get amazing results.

100% Eco Compatible

Packaging care both in terms of style, which make it ideal also for gifts, both from the point of view of the eco sustainability, plastic free, recycled paper wrapping tape included.