Ancient Grain Pasta made from semi-wholemeal flours, cold extracted with a natural stone grinder, obtained from a selection of Ancient Sicilian Durum Wheat of the" Russello" variety among the oldest and most valuable.

The height of the ear is very high almost 2 meters ( 80 cm is the normal height) which does not favor weeds but makes it easy to fold down to the ground due to the action of wind or rain with the largest grain of the double compared to a modern grain.

It is not very productive with a yield of 20 quintal per hectare, about 50% less than modern grains, and for this reason the cultivation was almost abandoned, only to be recovered in recent years thanks to the rediscovery of its fantastic properties.

Like other ancient grains, it doesn't have genetic alterations and therefore has less gluten than other modern grains. Russello wheat also lends itself very well to organic cultivation, since, being a cultivar that has adapted to the Sicilian environment over the centuries, it does not require the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Ancient durum grains, unlike the more commonly used ones, have the advantage of being extremely digestible and having excellent nutritional properties, favoring the formation of good cholesterol. It is rich in nutrients, including fatty acids, very important for their energetic and structural function in cells, tissues, organs of our body. The proteins contained are 14% and gluten is only 10.5% thanks also to the natural stone milling that allows to obtain a seed flour -whole grain without loss of nutrients, keeping intact the noble part of the grain, the so-called "wheat germ" source of proteins, amino acids, mineral salts and vitamins. This particular transformation process has the advantage of leaving the organoleptic properties unaltered (the smell, flavor, color) of the pasta.

Moreover, with its excellent resistance to cooking it lends itself perfectly to haute cuisine, managing with its authentic and characteristic flavor, to satisfy even the most refined and demanding palates.


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