The town of Giarratana, in Sicily, has always been known for the production of extraordinarily sweet and very large onions. With a slightly flattened shape, remembering a disc, with a brownish white tunic, white and sweet but pungent pulp, an accomplice of the particular taste is the environmental situation in which it grows inside the Hyblean plateau, between valleys set in limestone rocks and a hilly climate.

The Onion of Giarratana has exorbitant dimensions and a weight that can reach three and a half kilos. Every year there is a sort of competition where each small producer brings with it the most mammoth specimen to try to outdo the competitors.

The harvest begins at the end of July and continues throughout the month of August. After harvesting, the bulbs are left to dry in the field for a week and then stored in dry and ventilated places. To make the jam, the onions are peeled by hand, then sugar and lemon juice are added, without using dyes. The result is a delicate and tasty preserve, perfect to accompany aged cheeses and boiled meat Also in this case it is a slow food presidium.

Amazing story of Italian excellences.

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Giusy Noto, Fagone company