Beyond the legend

The writer Angelo Brofferio, in "Le Tradizioni Italiane" (1848), reports the legend of a black cherry liqueur which, in the year 1000, saved the population of Andorno, Piedmont, from the plague, making possible the marriage between the daughter of the inventor of this liquor and the son of his fiercest enemy.

Peace between the two families was thus re-established and the phrase that was pronounced in Latin to seal the union between the two young people, "et sic res rata fiat", (which in means “ and the agreement is valid"), gave the name to this magical liqueur. In 1700 the apothecary Pietro Rappis started the handicraft production; Ratafià soon became very famous.

In 1880 Giovanni Rapa, founder of the liqueur factory of the same name, picked up the tradition that still continues respecting the ancient recipes.

So why not take up this ancient tradition and, at the end of every agreement made between gentlemen, seal the pact with a toast made with this product that tells us another fantastic story of the countless food and wine excellences of Italy?

Prepared with the juice of precious black cherries, sugar and aromas, it is particularly appreciated for its sweet flavour. Slight alcohol content makes it a liqueur that everyone likes. It is recommended to drink it cold, on the rocks or plain. It is also an excellent ingredient in the preparation of the most delicious desserts, with fruit salad and ice cream.


Taste now this incredible liqueur!

Amazing story of Italian excellences.