The Sicilian black bee is a slow food presidium and its honey is truly exceptional. There are many reasons why Sicilian black bees stand out from others. The first is precisely the color: this variety has in fact a dark abdomen, a yellowish hair and smaller wings, unlike the typical yellow-black bee, the most common type in Italy. The most important difference from standard honey is the high content of polyphenols and antioxidants.

It has populated Sicily for years and even risked extinction, until a professor from the University of Palermo found the last bugni (boxes used as hives) of Sicilian black bees in the land of an elderly beekeeper. The Sicilian black bee is a very docile and calm insect, it allows to perform honey extraction operations with your bare hands. Compared to the other types, these bees are much more resistant to extreme temperatures, the result of hundreds of years of acclimatization in such a hot and seemingly hostile land. Unlike the others, these bees can therefore produce honey both in winter (it is famous for the production of rare winter honeys such as those of Carob, Medlar and Almond), and in summer at more than 40 ° C.

In particular, the wildflower honey from Vulcano Island is the rarest of all because on the island the black bee lives in purity and without the possibility of meeting other bees.


Taste the honey from the black bee

Amazing story of Italian excellences.