"Francesco Kluzer & Figli" is one of the oldest coffee roasting companies still active in the world panorama, based in Abbiategrasso, an historic city close to Milan, that gave birth to illustrious personalities such as Gian Galeazzo Maria Sforza (Abbiategrasso, 20 June 1469) and more recently to the internationally renowned designer Franco Moschino (Abbiategrasso, February 27, 1950).

It was founded by Francesco Kluzer in 1838, taking over an existing company that operated in the wholesale and retail trade of spices, chemicals and medicines. In the same year Francesco Kluzer married Maria Lazzaroni di Saronno, sister of the founder of a famous biscuit factory, with whom he had sixteen children.

 Among the various episodes that characterized the life of the founder, it should be remembered that at the time of the Battle of Magenta, 4 June 1856 (one of the main episodes of the Italian unification process.) he made a large distribution of food and cigars to the French and Piedmontese troops that passed through Abbiategrasso.

"Francesco Kluzer & Figli" currently deals exclusively with the production of coffee. While making use of modern technologies, the centuries-old experience acquired in the selection of the finest blends and the processing secrets handed down from generation to generation, allow the company to fully respect the tradition in the production of a coffee with an ancient flavor that has no equal. With the management by Andrea Kluzer, the Francesco Kluzer & Figli company has reached its sixth generation. The famous Caffè Kluzer, one of the oldest coffee brands still present on the market, characterizes the company in almost two centuries of history.

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